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Welcome to my website!

You will find that Ed Udell is involved in several ventures.  Much on this web site is about my involvement with E & E Real Estate Development Group, Inc., a a joint undertaking of Evelyn B. Shaikh and myself.  At our site, you will find information on investing in real estate by allowing us to do all the work for you, most of the work for you, or some of the work for you.  You can either invest your money only, your time only, and/or your money and your time. You will also learn other ways that I can help you with other projects.

If you have money to invest in real estate, but not much time to do all that is necessary, we can help.  If you have some money and some time, but need mentoring, we can help.  If you only have time, but little or no money, we still may be able to help you make money in real estate, depending on your credit and your time investment.

On some of these pages, you will discover the many ways to make money in real estate.  You can jointly invest in homes with us that we will purchase, fix up and sell.  Or, you can invest in homes and other properties that we will build out, sell, do a lease-option, rent out, lease, or sell on contract.

Whether you want to earn 10% on your money every 3 months on every project, or want your money to stay invested for an entire year and share in more profits, or want ownership through stock, we have many options for you.

More fortunes are made in real estate than in any other industry.  Even millionaires like Bob Hope invested in real estate.  It has been recorded that Bob at one time made more money in real estate than anything else!  It was also reported that at one time Mr. Hope was California's biggest land holder of all time!

With the economy slipping and putting some people out of work, jobs being shipped overseas every day, and social security on the brink of not existing, most people are working hard every day just struggling to pay the bills, never knowing how to find economic security.  Investing in real estate with a proven strategy is one of your best investments because, like Will Rogers said, "they ain't making no 'mo land!"

Take time and spend a little money and see what a partnership with us can afford you.  Just do ONE deal with us and you may soon be on your way to creating a financial legacy for your family!
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With our help, Locate properties in Texas, Nevada, Florida, California and other states and make a small fortune!
E & E Real Estate Development Group, Inc.