E & E Real Estate Development Group, Inc.
My business services, plus the services of E & E Real Estate Investment Group, Inc., include:

*  Helping clients with credit repair and training to improve their credit score;

*  helping others acquire funds through grants, contracts, and loans;

*  training people how to get the most out of their natural skills and/or beauty;

*  Researching sources for profitable investments;

*  Buying foreclosures properties for lease and to resale;

*  Investing in homes needing some TLC and then reselling the properties for a handsome profit;

*  doing joint projects with others throughout the country;

*  investing in pre-construction in new subdivisions;

*  assisting in the development of townhomes;

*  investing in commercial real estate projects;

*  serving as mentors to others wanting to learn how to buy and sell and/or hold real estate for a profit; and

*  handling funds for others interested in making money in real estate
Fundraising Assistance
Locate investment properties in Texas, Nevada, Florida, California and other states for your investment
Analyze their profit potential with our proven Real Estate Deal Formula
Negotiate with sellers to create great deals for our investors
Write offers that include information to protect you when buying and selling properties and help save you tax money
Use various financing strategies using our credit and money from investors
E & E Real Estate Development Group, Inc.