E & E Real Estate Development Group, Inc.
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Udell & Associates
A national consulting firm assisting individuals, businesses, and faith-based groups with grant research, grant writing, and grants managment.
Fundraising Assistance
Legal Services Contract
Information on how to access the legal system and rid your life of issues relating to the 32 areas of law.
Health, Dental, Chiropractic Assistance...and More!
It is now possible to access affordable Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drug and Chiropractic Care for a membership fee of less than $90 per month!  And, you won't have to stand in line for the "free" clinic, or wait at the county hospital for hours to be seen!
Children and Nutrition
Our aim is not only to bring higher mentality and awareness of how important nutrition plays a role in our physical and mental health, but also to generate a generous amount of funds that can be given to schools and organizations for the betterment of education to our young people, which is so vital to our future.
Talent, Modeling, Acting Training
Let us hook you and/or your child up to the entertainment industry!  We help you connect to the #1 Talent Community and the   most visited by agents, managers, casting directors & Industry insiders. We help with training and getting you on the Internet so that your profile gets matched and submitted to current casting & auditions. You then receive a call, an email & SMS if a casting director wants you. That means no more spending hours searching for casting & auditions. Start auditioning now & save all the $ you spend on postage & copying.  In cooperation with pageant directors, we also help train you for pageants locally and nationally where you and/or your child can receive scholarships of up to $100,000!
BMI Foundation, a foundation of the National Heritage Foundation
Our foundation has helped in community cleanup projects; developed racial reconciliation events; conducts workshops and seminars for community improvement and cultural understanding; sponsors summer work camps for young people and their sponsors to live and/or work on ethnic and/or low income community projects; and helps to build bridges of understanding across gaps involving various ethnic and religious groups.
Urban Awareness USA
The Urban Homeownership Consultants (Urban America USA) and First Providence Realty, Inc. (FPR) understands that these challenges are both social and economical. This low–to–moderate income group of potential homeowners requires a unique set of educational and motivational services. Most government programs were not designed based on this low–to–moderate income experience.

Urban America assists local churches, non-profit, and for-profit organizations, along with government agencies on how to fund commercial and residential projects in urban communities. They specialize in assisting organization that are interested in using grant funds and tax credit (Hope VI, CHDO and more) incentives and build affordable housing developments in distinctive traditional and rural neighborhoods in urban communities.
Christian Community Development Association
The roots of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) stretch back to 1960 when John and Vera Mae Perkins relocated their family to the struggling community of Mendenhall, Mississippi to work with the people there. The Perkinses devoted thirty-five years to loving the principles of Christian Community Development in Mississippi and California, leaving behind ministries and churches that are now headed by indigenous Christian leaders.

In 1989, Dr. Perkins called together a group of Christian leaders from across America who were bonded by one significant commitment, expressing the love of Christ in America’s poor communities, not at arms length, but at the grassroots level. An association was formed, and CCDA held its first annual conference in Chicago in 1989.  Ed Udell has known Dr. Perkins for over 25 years and have taken some of the training to help him give leadership to developing disadvantaged communities.
E & E Real Estate Development Group, Inc.