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Here are some of the scariest statistics I have ever seen received from one of my real estate investor contacts (with a little editorial work on my part!):

• PhD’s now working at McDonalds.

• Factory jobs on the verge of extinction.

• People’s life work (retirement funds) dwindled to just pennies.

• Large, respected companies making fewer and fewer profits! How long will it be before your retirement sinks with them?

• Companies and organizations taking out life insurance policies on your and your loved ones, knowing that you will probably die from stress (from the office politics and job-related problems) so they won’t have to dip into a company pool to pay your loved ones when you die

• The new corporate scandal adopted by companies in record numbers – working people from 8am to whenever they say.   

Cost of living is now taking a 2-family income just to survive and all the money you make for the company pays some corporate executive huge bonuses while you get nothing for much of your extra effort!

• College graduates are getting out of school with expensive degrees, but making less money per year than many with a high school diploma but with experience! 

• Moms wanting to stay at home and raise their children instead of having them raised by a day care center are almost extinct.

So, what’s the solution?  Let us become your mentors and show you how to: Invest in yourself!  How to get the most from a visit to your local SBA office!  Learn how to begin to evaluate how you can start your own real estate business, or other business, in your home and get a tax write-off! 

Get paid for referring people to real estate and legal services that they need. 

Stop renting and begin buying real estate!

Some of us are meeting monthly and helping each other improve our ideas and our home business or other business we have started.  Some of us are meeting weekly, pooling our money, ideas, buying stock and/or investing in real estate or some other business.  Why real estate though?

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF THIS QUESTION:  What is the world’s most sacred and precious commodity – Real Estate!?!

One more thing – no matter how advanced our society gets, whether it’s medical breakthroughs or sending a man to Mars – nobody except God can create more real estate!  Will Rogers said years ago: “Buy real estate, because they ain’t making no more!”

People with no real estate training and absolutely no experience whatsoever are going crazy buying up all the real estate that they can afford.  Even people in other countries are now buying up the United States!  Maybe that’s why interest rates are at a 40-year low and foreclosures are at a 40-year high.

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle May 13, 2005, Texas and Florida has over 1/3 of all foreclosures in America!  Recently, we discovered that there were over 9,000 properties in foreclosure within 25 miles of Houston!  You CAN make money (with others!) making money buying up foreclosures and renting them or selling them to some of the 40,000 people moving into Houston each year.  Or, just sell them as investment property to people living out of state, or even, out of the country!

Right now, you can join with us and pool money to invest in some of the hottest money-making real estate markets in the country: Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, and---even with hurricanes---Miami and other parts of Florida!

You CAN do something to make sure you are planning for your OWN financial success!  No longer can you just expect a job to save you.  Have you heard of “outsourcing?”  No longer can you depend on your 401 (K) or pension.  Have you heard of people retiring and their pension is reduced or gone?

At least pool some of your money and buy some real estate with others.  You can help fix up a house with others, sell the house, and pocket your share of the profits.  This can happen month after month after month!  E-mail us if you are interested and let us show you what some of us are doing concerning buying real estate.  If you don’t have time to buy and sell real estate, join our club, buy some shares, or just let us serve as your “bird-dog” and do all the work for you and at least make 10-20% on your money every quarter!
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Mentorship Program
E & E Real Estate Development Group Club offers a unique Mentorship Program for beginning investors and for those with only a few dollars, but wanting to make more than what they are earning from savings accounts or bank CDs.

If you are not sure how to get started or you just don’t feel comfortable trying to make money in real estate by yourself, this program is for you. Mentors of E & E Real Estate Development Group Club are Professional Real Estate people, as well as Investors themselves. They are very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Real Estate Investing and our program will guide you through the entire process of buying investment property.

The Mentorship Program includes:
• Mentors that will find properties of interest for the investor
• Mentors that will take the investor to see properties
• Mentors that will show the investor what to look for in an investment property
• Mentors that will provide comparables of other sales & rentals in the area of interest
• Mentors that will calculate the net operating income & expenses of an investment property
• Mentors that will provide a forecast of the market area to tell the investor if the area of interest is a good market at that particular time
• Access to a Pre-Qualification Program with one of our loan  officesr
• Mentors will see your purchase through to the very end, offering advice and hands on training where needed

If you would like to join the Mentorship Program of E & E Real Estate Development Group Investment Club, please send an e-mail to: info@edudell.com.  Please include all of your contact information and a message that you are interested in the mentorship program.  You will be contacted by one of the board of directors with all of the details.

We also have mentorship and consulting programs for:

*  Grant Writing
*  Child Care Centers
*  Other businesses
E & E Real Estate Development Group, Inc.